Working To Protect Your Interests After Your Divorce Has Been Finalized

When a divorce is finalized, the orders that are established represent the circumstances that existed at that time. In the years that follow, however, it is possible for circumstances to change to the point where the original orders can no longer be accommodated. In situations like these, it is sometimes possible to have the original orders modified by the court.

Requests for modification are not automatically approved in Texas, and the assistance of an experienced family law attorney can give you a better chance of obtaining a favorable outcome. From our offices in McKinney and Sherman, the attorneys at Nix Poet offer clients a great deal of experience representing clients in modification requests. We understand the criteria used to review these requests, and we know how to present a compelling argument in support of your position.

What Can Be Modified?

There are only certain aspects of your final orders that can be modified. A substantial change in circumstances can create grounds for a modification of the child custody, child support or alimony orders. We take the time to conduct a thorough review of your circumstances and advise you on the strength of your claim. If you have a compelling case for a modification, we will take care of filing the petition with the court and represent you throughout the process.

Enforcement Of Orders

If your spouse is not complying with any aspect of your divorce decree, you have the right to petition the court for help. We have successfully represented parties on both sides of these disputes. Whether you need help enforcing a support, custody or property order, or you need to respond to a noncompliance complaint, we are prepared to provide the representation you need.

Contact Nix Poet About Your Modification And Enforcement Case

We offer a free initial consultation where you can get your modification and enforcement questions answered and learn more about your legal options. You can schedule an appointment with a lawyer at our Sherman office by calling 903-771-0857, our McKinney office by calling 214-385-4957 or via email by completing the form below.