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Your DWI and your job: 5 important questions that beg for answers

A drunk driving conviction can have an adverse impact on numerous areas of your life. One critical area is your job.

Even if you have not been convicted of a DWI in Texas, being arrested and charged with drunk driving can be stressful and problematic for your career, your family and your reputation. You may be asking one or more of these important questions.

Fathers' rights: Four custody problems a lawyer can address

As a divorced father, you want -- and deserve -- a proper amount of time with your child or children. You should also have the ability to make important decisions about your child's life.

Texas courts use the term "conservatorship" instead of "custody," but the concept is the same when it comes to joint or full physical and legal responsibility for a child, whose best interest is expected to be at the heart of a judge's orders. During a divorce, one or both parents may be awarded decision making (managing conservator) and parenting time (possessory conservator) rights.

If you feel like your your rights and interests as a father are being disrespected, an experienced family law attorney can help. These four problems are common.

Property division in divorce: 4 common fears about being cheated

People work hard to build what wealth they have. They try to make smart decisions about their assets and plan well for the future. But when a divorce is imminent, they may feel afraid that they will be short-changed in the division of property. This is a very understandable concern.

If you are experiencing the stress of a divorce and you are worried about asset division, you can benefit greatly from proper legal counsel. An experienced family law attorney can help you address these four common fears.

When dads don't get to see their kids: How to modify child custody

All responsible fathers should have regular, in-person interaction with their children. The parent-child relationship gets built and sustained through consistent, quality time and also "quantity time" together.

Whether two parents are divorced or separated, there's nothing more frustrating for a dad than to simply long to be with his own kids on a regular basis. If conversations with the mother haven't worked, or if the original court order seems skewed against the father, it may be time to talk to an attorney who can help fix the problem.

An underage DWI: What impact will it have on a college student?

Every parent wants their college student to be successful. The family is investing time, money and emotion in that son or daughter's academic career and future aspirations.

Sometimes college students makes poor choices that can get in the way of their goals. When it comes to underage DWIs and their negative impact on a kid's life, what parental concerns need to be addressed? What kind of assistance can an experienced attorney provide after a drunk-driving arrest?

Getting arrested on New Year's Eve: Think before you speak or act

Being arrested and taken to jail: It's not how you were hoping to ring in 2017. But the reality is that many people experience unusual run-ins with the law on New Year's Eve.

What should you do if you or one of your family members was stopped, breath-tested and booked for drunk driving? What options do you have if you were charged with assault or a crime related to a domestic incident? How about an accusation related to being drunk and disorderly or damaging property? Drug possession or underage drinking? Your response to any criminal matter is extremely important.

Prescription drugs and Texas DUID/DWI: Get the help you need, right away

Many people use prescription drugs, and most adults drive. Sometimes prescription medication use (or the unprescribed use of medications) can lead to legal trouble for a person who is simply following their doctor's orders while operating their own vehicle.

If you were arrested for a drug-related offense like driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) in Texas, you need to know your legal rights and protect those rights because a DUID or DWI on your record can cause problems that last for years.

Texas DWI during the holidays: What to do if you are arrested

It's common for a person to have "one too many" at a Christmas or New Year's Eve party. At times during the holidays, many Texas law enforcement officers are on alert, looking for drunk drivers. Perhaps you or a family member was recently stopped, Breathalyzed and arrested.

A DWI (driving while intoxicated) conviction can cause you a world of trouble: possible consequences include the loss of your license, big fines, much higher car insurance premiums and jail time, even for a first offense. You can also suffer damage to your relationships and reputation. If you are arrested for drunk driving this holiday season, you need to take action.

As unmarried couples increase, prenup alternative 'No Nupt' emerges

More and more American couples are choosing to not get married but instead live together in long-term relationships according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. However, just because couples aren't marrying and signing prenuptial agreements doesn't mean they shouldn't have a financial plan in place - some referring to the plans as "No Nupts."

Unmarried couples planning for the future

So how do unmarried, co-habiting couples keep their finances fair and make sure each person is protected? A "No Nupt," also referred to as non-marital agreements or living together contracts, functions similarly to a prenup, establishing how financial, property and debts will be handled during the relationship or in the instance that the relationship dissolves.

Getting divorced in a community property state

Getting divorced can be a messy and extremely stressful process. Who gets what? How do we decide what's fair? Do I get to keep my individual savings account? These are just some of the questions that may arise during your divorce process.

Since Texas is a community property state, the law will distinguish between community property and separate property. The courts will begin their evaluation by labeling any property acquired by either spouse during the marriage as community property unless a spouse can provide sufficient proof that an asset is a separate property. After evaluating all community property and separate property, the judge will divide the assets between spouses based on what they feel is "just and right."

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