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So You Got A DWI

It happens to the best of people.  You just never thought it would happen to you.  The world of DWI arrests and prosecutions has changed dramatically over the last decade.  Much of the ambiguity and guesswork has been removed from the process.  The old advice, "Never Blow" rarely applies today.  Even if you "don't blow", it is likely a police officer will obtain a warrant to draw and test your blood.  So where does that leave you?  Unfortunately, many defendants become convinced that there is no hope.  Nix|Poet's team of criminal defense and DWI attorneys doesn't believe in no hope.  In fact, we provide hope.  The key to a successful DWI defense in today's environment is a quick response.  The police and prosecutors are working on your conviction from day one.  The longer you wait to let Nix|Poet start your defense the bigger the other side's head start.  Luckily, our unique combination of trial strategy and cutting edge technology close the gap quickly.  A DWI arrest can start to have an impact on your freedom and ability to drive within 15 days of your arrest.  Starting your defense process in that first 15 days, if not sooner, is critical.  See our DWI page on this website for more information.  Appointments are guaranteed within 24 hours.

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