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Be Proactive in Your Divorce | Protect Your Right to Marital Assets

Much is at stake for high net-worth individuals going through divorce. In addition to any child custody and alimony issues, the division of complex assets will have long-term financial consequences for both spouses, and aggressive legal representation is often needed to achieve a fair outcome.

If you are going through a Texas divorce involving high assets, it is important that you work with a tough and results-driven divorce lawyer who is committed to protecting your interests now and in the future. 

Guard against an unfavorable settlement by fighting to preserve your property rights.

A mistake that many divorcing spouses make is assuming that everything will simply work out in the end. This approach is especially risky when complex marital assets are involved, and too often people look back at their divorce and wish they had been more proactive in pursuing their fair share of community property.

In Texas community property consists of assets and debts the spouses acquired during the marriage. That is, unless a signed marital agreement specifically says that certain items of property should remain separate and not subject to division.

Additionally, if separate property owned by one spouse before the marriage increased in value during the marriage, then the increase in value may also be divisible at divorce.

Examples of community property include:

  • Retirement plans such as pensions, IRAs and 401(k)s
  • Real estate
  • Stock options
  • Bank accounts
  • Businesses
  • Intellectual property
  • Vehicles
  • Proceeds from insurance policies
  • Art collections and other home furnishings

Safeguard your property interests with an accurate valuation of complex assets.

As you can imagine, obtaining a comprehensive valuation of high-value assets is no simple matter. In fact, attempts to hide assets from community property valuations are not uncommon in high-asset divorces. A lawyer with the experience and resources to handle these issues can protect your interests by uncovering any hidden assets and obtaining an accurate valuation of community property.

Any separate property exempted from division must also be identified with clear evidence of the property's origin.

At Nix | Poet, we aggressively protect the rights and interests of our clients going through divorce. We understand that divorce settlements can have lifelong financial repercussions, and we fight hard on behalf of our clients in every case.

Please see our overview of divorce in Texas to learn more.

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