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June 2016 Archives

3 tips to help you co-parent after your divorce

Divorce is not the end of family. Rather it is the beginning of a new type of parenting. This means that while you and your spouse will no longer be a legally married couple, both you and your spouse should continue to play active roles in your child or children's lives.

5 things to know about Texas community property laws

Texas is one of nine states in the U.S. that has adopted community property laws. Unless someone is in the midst of a divorce, there's a good chance he or she doesn't know what that means. However, it's an important law to understand long before someone contemplates going through a divorce.

Texas man gets life in prison for drunk driving

In Texas, everything is bigger, including DWI penalties for habitual offenders. Recently, a Houston man was sentenced to life in prison after his ninth drunk driving conviction. And that wasn't the first life sentence handed out for DWIs this year. In February, another habitual offender from Texas was given life in prison after his tenth conviction.

'It'll be used against you' warning is serious as a heart attack

No one ever plans on being arrested. But, let us say you've had a little too much to drink and have been pulled over, or perhaps you've been caught in possession of marijuana. In these and other circumstances, there is a high probability that you could be arrested by law enforcement. This is the moment when many people make the mistake of talking -- something that could harm your case.

Don't let your ex-spouse take you to the cleaners

The myth that a non-working spouse may take his or her soon-to-be ex to the cleaners during a divorce is far from the truth. Sure, there are stories in celebrity news reports about gold-diggers walking away with millions after divorcing wealthy spouses. However, cases like that are rare.

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